Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cintiq Sketch of the Day 2

Another of my sketch of the day attempts...this one is a little different approach than Monday's. I still drew directly in Photoshop, but tried starting with the shadow areas first and then working on the midtones, etc. The last drawing I did in the opposite way...not sure which I like more. This approach was much quicker but it seems to be a little less subtle.

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bluemoonpaul said...

This one's nice, too, Charlie, though I like the Nadal sketch more. Sure, as you say, it's more subtle, but striking, no doubt. Nice contrast and heavy areas to give it weight and strength.

This piece has some great passages in it, especially in the clothing, with a double light source and some rim lighting.

You might try an approach I learned in life drawing classes years ago, where one starts with the mid tones, then you block in the dark and lighter areas, but both keyed from the middleground.

Keep it up!