Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hockey Illustration

Taking another of my little sketches to a finish. I just had to do this one because I really liked the overall pattern-- I have been a little obsessed lately with these sports compositions. Every free moment I've had in between my real jobs, this is what I have been playing with. There is something really fun about working with the obvious bold colors of a uniform-- it easy to see it as abstract shape I guess.

Anyway, this is another vector piece. I'm just not ready to give up on vector artwork, even though I fear there is a bias against it being real "art". There is something I am after with it that feels like it is starting to happen. I believe something will show up if I keep trying--and belief can be a dangerous thing.

I am also taking an oil painting class right now which couldn't be any more of a polar opposite approach (at least how I see it) than working with vectors. I alluded to this before, but I have this idea that if I make my mind work in two radically different ways (one very analytical/mathematical and one more intuitive/emotional) that I will overwhelm it and force it to expand into something better-- maybe something that can think both ways simultaneously.

...oh, and the pencil from this piece. My justification of vector art being something more than just tracing photographs...

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Annika said...

Chaaarlie :) your recent work looks great, you're finding some awesome abstract compositions within realistic scenes, I think vector work suits your flat graphic style really well and I would keep pursuing that balance that you're striving for. I'm often conflicted about similar things in my work - wanting to explore realism, but at the same time hoping to add something personal to the image and not have it seen as simply photographic. I think to question your work is a pretty natural and can be useful if it helps to drive us forward. I'm excited to hear you're taking an oil painting class, can't wait to see the results!