Monday, April 13, 2009


These little marker values studies have become almost a regular nightly practice for me in the last few months. I feel like this exercise, and the oil painting, has made a positive impact of some of my recent illustration work. I can't post them yet, but I recently completed a couple of fun jobs-- one for National Geographic Magazine and one for Outdoor Life Magazine. I will post more about them sometime in May once they are on the news stands.


Jasmin Mora said...

I love these studies Charlie. Just shapes of value. It's great! You get some interesting marks in these as well.

You've inspired me to want to get some grey markers and do some sketches with them. I think I will get those next time I go to the campus art store. :]

keep it up pal

Annika said...

thanks for the encouragement Charlie, seeing your work keeps me motivated as always... Sadly I'm not going to be able to come to the Academy this year (major lack of money, visa expiring, parents visiting... you get the picture!) BUT I will definitely be visiting Jasmin in Sarasota for a while before I head back to Australia so if you are at the Academy I'll be able to stop by & visit... I sure do miss you :)

Carly said...

Hey Charlie! Your studies are so amazing, I always love when you post them.

I'm not coming back to the Academy this summer because I don't think my job will allow for it. It's sad, because I want to go back, but I can't complain too much because I have a job! I definitely want to do it a second time in the future though. And Jamie and I were thinking of at least visiting.

I've been working for an e-card company, which is the stuff I'm not allowed to post yet. Getting all the content together is a very slow process. It's not the world's finest illustration, but still I'm eager to finish it up and show everyone!