Sunday, November 29, 2009

Book Cover Illustration

I created this book cover illustration for St. Martin's Press a little earlier this year, and just noticed that the book is now available on Amazon for pre-orders.

Below is some of the process work...


Sam said...

Great stuff Charlie, too bad they didn't go with one of the clock designs- those look great too!

Trey. said...

hey charlie,

i like number 2 and 3 among your beautiful sketches.

nice directness.

KATIA WISH said...

I remember you working on those.
Well done!
Did they use the guy standing on the clock with his shadow for the back cover? I hope so. It's a very clever concept and beautifully composed.

Aaron Rossell Illustration said...
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Aaron Rossell Illustration said...

Wow--excellent job on the cover. Do you always submit such tight, detailed thumbnails?