Tuesday, February 16, 2010

American Express Illustrations

I spent a large part of last summer and fall creating these illustrations for an American Express web site. I was really excited to be selected for this project.

Unfortunately, I don't think I can share the link to the actual site, because the site was a promotion for card holders. If I find out differently I will post a link.

Because many of the elements were animated I had to create multiple version and states for most of the elements for the animators. Each element also had to be created in its entirety, so as one thing moved it wouldn't leave a blank area in the illustration.


Carly said...

What a great gig! I really like how you made some of the plants out of negative space.

Ahmad Philips said...

well done. I really enjoy your work

bluemoonpaul said...

Nice job, Charlie. It's obvioous these took a lot of work. Great to finally see them. Looks like you did a most digitally, but the coloring and texturing give the pieces an organic and hand-drawn-with-markers look.

Jasmin Mora said...

SOOO AWESOME to see the finishes Charlie! It was worth all your hard work! These are so well organized, they really came out great. It must feel good to finish such a big project like this! Congrats man!