Friday, April 4, 2008

New Drawing

Managed to fit this one in yesterday while waiting to hear back about a project... starting with a pencil sketch and then painting it in Photoshop.


bluemoonpaul said...

Nice piece, Charlie. I like the design of the background, too. Are you colorizing the pencil work? And for the spatter, is that done with some sort of Photoshop brush? It helps give it an organic, hand-painted feel.

Charlie Griak said...

Thanks Paul--glad you like it!

I'm scanning the pencil drawing, then colorizing it to a lighter red color, then changing that layer to multiply mode and coloring underneath it. Eventually I flatten all the layers and color right over the pencil and try to get rid of any of the pencil that I don't like.

And the splatter is a combo of photoshop brushes and vector shapes I bought from GoMedia.